Friday Roundup: October 20

Happy Friday! Can you believe November is just around the corner? YIKES. Since last week I was on my honeymoon, there was no Friday Roundup. Instead I was enjoying the sights and sounds of NYC with my hubby 🙂 I’ll…

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Friday Roundup: October 6

We are off on our honeymoon to NYC tomorrow!! I’m pretty excited! I’ve already packed, including my carry-on and toiletries! Just one slight problem… I fell the other day and bruised up my hip badly so now I’m hobbling everywhere.…

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Friday Roundup: September 29

Can you believe October is two days away? Me neither. I’m currently at home sick, caught a nasty cold, and thankfully before our honeymoon next week. And I’m secretly glad Curtis woke up today with a cold, so we can…

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