Friday Roundup

graffitti_mtnYa it’s Friday! All I want to do tonight is put on my sweatpants (let’s be honest, this is every night) and watch some TV or a movie. For the rest of the weekend, I plan on doing homework, creating recipes and food shots for the blog and relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate!

What are your plans this weekend? Anyone going to any pre-Halloween parties? I wish I had a party to go to so I could make a costume. Maybe this is why people have kids?

Links I loved this week:

1. A Will Ferrell themed bar in NYC (Thrillist)
2. A preschool in a retirement home. This is genius!
3. 19 weirdest things to say to Siri (Thrillist)
4. 35 pictures to bring you back to elementary school (Buzzfeed)
5. 3-D printer that prints an entire house (Co.Exist)
6. How to get over comparing yourself to other creatives (Design Sponge)
7. 13 most innovative schools in the world (TechInsider)
8. 15 predictions by Bill Gates in 1999 (Time)
9. These two guys have written mostly every song you loved (NY Post)
10. What happens when you eat vintage recipes (Buzzfeed)
11. Ok these finger buns are amazing! (PartyTipz)
12. Best stuff on Netflix right now (Letterboxd)
13. Famous television show floor plans (Hi Consumption)
14. How to make sourdough (The Kitchn)
15. How to butter your toast. I’ve been doing this wrong apparently (Food52)
16. A $31 million dollar wedding in China (Refinery 29)

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