Friday Roundup: August 18

Friday Roundup: August 18
Holy crap it’s mid-August!@! I’m really getting that summer is almost over, did I do anything exciting, what should I pack in everyday anxiety. Weather is still good here in Vancouver, it’s starting to cool off slightly but I’m still gonna wear my shorts and sandals till my butt freezes off.

We have no plans this weekend except to run errands. Consignment drop-off, mail pick up from five places (!!), cleaning my house, shoot some blog content and hang at the beach. Oh and work on our thank you cards from the wedding. Yikes we are so behind on those!

Curtis takes off Sunday for a quick surfing trip to Tofino with friends. So that means I get the bed allllll to myself! Yay for me! Nothing is better than being able to stretch out all across the bed, go to bed when I want to and no one snoring beside me. Love you Curtis haha
Friday Roundup: August 18 Friday Roundup: August 18 Friday Roundup: August 18

This week was a little busy. I had a rosé event on Tuesday at Nourish Café for Susanna Stewart Events. We sampled a few rosés from around BC and met some lovely people.
Friday Roundup: August 18 Friday Roundup: August 18
Wednesday, we visited my grandparents before they embark on a Europe trip this weekend. Their view from their apartment is incredible.
Friday Roundup: August 18 Friday Roundup: August 18
Last night, I met up with my friend Jonathan for coffee and cocktails. Definitely should follow him on Instagram because he takes off on a trip next week to Asia!

Next week I have a couple of events, so do follow my Instagram to see my stories and posts.

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