Friday Roundup: August 25

Friday Roundup August 25
Well folks, summer is winding down officially. We are just a week away from September! SEPTEMBER! I’m sad but also excited because we are getting closer to our trip to NYC in October! A week in the Big Apple!

I want to start off apologizing for the lack of posts this week. I have so many drafts and photos to edit but Summer has gotten in the way and it’s hard to justify sitting inside after work while it’s gorgeous outside. Soooo I’ve earmarked a couple of hours this weekend to catch up with a few posts for next week!
Friday Roundup August 25

The weather has been fantastic as of late in Vancouver, and looks to continue into next week. This week we have been busy! We haven’t cooked dinner at home all week, I’ve been lucky to eat out for events and with friends and family. But craving a quiet dinner at home, something healthy and with a glass of wine. Yup that will be our Friday plans! Unless it gets hot this afternoon, than I want to go to the beach and take a dip in the water.

The weekend was relaxing, went for a late brunch, walked around the city. Than Sunday, we rode our bikes around and stopped in at a VW show by the seawall. Trying to check items off my summer bucket list. I haven’t made a pie (weekend plans!), played tennis or Italian lessons (but those start in the fall). So I think I’ve done great so far and we still have a month technically of summer.
Jam Cafe Vancouver Friday Roundup Friday Roundup August 25 Friday Roundup August 25 Friday Roundup August 25

Did you get a chance to see the eclipse? Not much happened in Vancouver, but I would have loved to see totality in Oregon! I made a pinhole projector box and view it old-school cuz I forgot to even get solar glasses.. Not cuz I’m hip and crafty.
Friday Roundup August 25 Friday Roundup August 25

That night we both went to a Vancouver Canadians game and were hosted by the team for dinner and a tour before the general public were let in. So much fun! Curtis hasn’t been to a game yet and he had a good time. We left stuffed and craving turkey legs oddly…
Friday Roundup August 25 Friday Roundup August 25 Friday Roundup August 25 Friday Roundup August 25 Friday Roundup August 25 Friday Roundup August 25

Tuesday I took the day off work and attending a couple of events. First was the fall preview for ACI Brands and was able to go home with a few new goodies from Stila, Korres, Ardell and a few others to try out.
ACI Brands Fall 2017 Friday Roundup ACI Brands Fall 2017 Friday RoundupFriday Roundup August 25

I then went to a brunch hosted by Table Smarts and was taught a few etiquette lessons with some other ladies. Lovely brunch and what a view from the patio.
Friday Roundup August 25

Then met with friends Wednesday for dinner and yesterday we went for Mexican because our fridge was empty except almond milk, sprouts (?) and cheese. And I was not in the mood to try to whip something up from our pantry or freezer. We also went to the local pool and enjoyed a summer afternoon.
Friday Roundup August 25 Kitsilano Pool Friday Roundup August 25 Friday Roundup August 25
What are your plans this weekend?

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  1. August 29, 2017 / 10:30 am

    Love the vintage Van, lovely, also Love the read that help us how caring you are with us regarding the posts. I also Love your hair style, really lovely and the way you manage your lifestyle really cool.. Keep smiling and enjoy life in this manner and become our inspiration.

    • August 29, 2017 / 10:42 pm

      Thank you Emilia