What a short week! Here we are with another Friday Roundup with summer just around the corner. I’m so glad it’s Friday again and that tomorrow I can sleep in a bit. I have my nana’s dog while she went to visit family. Leo’s cute but he likes to pee on things… View Post

With summer fast approaching, now is the time to get some items off your Spring must do list.  Take time each weekend to check something off the list below or book a quick getaway somewhere before summer. Try one of my 8 things to do while it’s still Spring season… View Post

Yay! It’s a new Friday Roundup annnnnd a long weekend in Canada! I’m looking forward to the extra day to sleep in. This week felt long, on Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday so you know how my days were like. Woke up to rain here though today, I do… View Post

I love a classic mint julep, but I wanted to use up my oranges in the fridge and decided to make an orange mint simple syrup. I thought to myself, what cocktail could this be used in. Why a mint julep! Really this easy simple syrup can be used in… View Post

We live in a fast paced world and nothing is better than taking a few moments to catch up and breathe. I like to disconnect from social media, read a book (with a glass of rosé duh!), watch a rom-com or catch a nap at the beach. I have come up with… View Post

What a week! Work was busy, I have my nana’s dog for a month, trying to catch up with the blog and wedding planning. Curtis and I plan on picking out a photographer, event planner, band, florist and cake guy this weekend. Or so I hope! This week’s Friday Roundup… View Post