Preparation is the key to success. The next time your favorite sweater shrinks or you smear sauce on your sleeve at dinner, instead of furiously Googling for a solution, you’ll remain cool, calm and collected because you committed these five in-a-pinch laundry hacks to memory. If you use one of these 5 laundry hacks, you will always remember it when I need. Trust me! It becomes engraved in your memory, especially when the adrenaline kicks in right after you spill… View Post

Woohoo! It’s my favourite time of the week, a new Friday Roundup, the countdown to happy hour is near and I’m looking forward to sleeping in this weekend and enjoying the sunshine that has finally hit us. It feels like summer again! This weekend, we are planning to drive to the Othello Tunnels and explore the valley a bit. I plan on making a day trip travel guide in the near future for this one. I also plan to explore the islands,… View Post

How many times have you been on the plane, got everything in the overhead, seat belt is on and you realize you need your glasses so you can see the screen, a sweater because the plane is cool, your tablet to pass the hours or simply a fresh piece of gum. You begin checking your bag beneath your seat and then the rummaging begins. Item after item being removed as you dig through the black hole that is your carry-on bag. You KNOW you packed it in there… View Post

This month’s My Beauty features the creative gal behind To Vogue or Bust, Alexandra Grant. She’s honest, gorgeous, stylish, hilarious on Snapchat and if you don’t follow her on Snapchat you must! I’ve been following her lifestyle blog for sometime, reading her great travel guides and getting in some style inspiration. She’s another local Vancouver blogger, whose blog is meant to empower women to find a fulfilled, stylish, fun life! When I started this series, I reached out hoping she’d participate or… View Post

Well here we are again, end of another work week. Currently it’s cloudy outside and feels like fall. There is also horrible news from Nice, France. I’m waiting for that day when there isn’t news about some tragedy in some part of the world. Just seems my news feed is flooded with terrorist attacks, girls being abducted and then found dead, suicide bombings, murders, you name it, it’s probably been reported today. So least to say, I was looking forward… View Post