One of the things I love most about summer is the excuse to have ice cream floats! Brings me back to my childhood. As an adult I still love them and look for any excuse to make one at home. My Pineapple and Coconut Gelato Float is a delightful, tropical spoonful. If I have ice cream, I tend to make an affogato, which is hot espresso poured over a scoop of ice cream. Really delicious but probably mostly for coffee lovers. This Pineapple… View Post

Well June went by in a flash! Enjoy my quick photo recap of life lately in the Murray/Rossi house! We ate a lot of good food, enjoyed drinks, hung out with friends, went to events, relaxed at the beach. Also had two dogs in our house at one point, my nana’s dog Leo (the Pom). I went to the opening of Fanny Bay Oysters and a bloggers workout event by Booty by Mich. We ate at Supermarine, Darby’s, Nourish, The Oakwood, La Taqueria and Peaceful Restaurant. We… View Post

Every winter, we look forward to the summer heat so we can finally shed the layers, but when July comes around, we find ourselves longing for the cool breeze of fall. It’s not just the change in climate we’re after, as we also end up missing our seasonal wardrobes. Afraid to wear our leather jacket this summer. Thus, it’s true what they say—we always want what we can’t have. Because we’ve grown attached to certain clothes, we’re always on the… View Post

Yay! It’s Friday and June is almost over. Seriously where did this month go? The weather here in Vancouver hasn’t been the greatest lately and I can’t wait for it to pick up again to shorts season. I’m looking forward to sleeping in, catching up with my emails and blogging tasks this weekend. I’m so behind on that! I have tons of comments to reply to, blog posts to write up, photo shoots to do and little things. Share your… View Post

This spicy cucumber melon salad is super refreshing and great on a hot summer day. The cool fruit combined with refreshing mint is enough, but with a bright honey/lime combo and some habanero, it’s exactly what you need when you’re sweating buckets. You can improvise and use literally any other fruit, like pineapple or maybe even plums! Endless possibilities to be creative. Bring it to a BBQ, pack it for a picnic, eat it for lunch, blend it for a… View Post