Friday Roundup: December 1

Friday Roundup December 1 Piva Italian
Holy cow we are officially in December! Where did this year go?? I hope this month doesn’t just fly by but instead I hope we can enjoy the holiday season. I also wish the rain would just stop, it’s starting to get to me!

This week wasn’t so bad, I did have a bout of insomnia again (apparently the new normal for me) and I managed to workout 3 times. Yay for me!
Friday Roundup December 1 Hopscotch Festival Friday Roundup December 1 Hopscotch Festival Friday Roundup December 1 Hopscotch Festival

Last weekend I was able to hang out with my friend Vicki at the Hopscotch Festival! Always a fun time with her! The rest of the weekend consisted of making homemade pasta, running errands and deep cleaning the apartment.
Friday Roundup December 1 Friday Roundup December 1 Piva Italian Friday Roundup December 1 Piva ItalianFriday Roundup December 1

Sunday night, we went to a restaurant soft opening in New Westminster. The owners are family friends and opened up this Italian restaurant called Piva. Beautiful space, food was good and I loved that they named it after their mother. Also my parents have a cocktail named after them, Bagpipes in my Ferrari haha.
Friday Roundup December 1 Woodlot Skincare Friday Roundup December 1 Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Friday Roundup December 1 Charlotte Tilbury Youth Glow Friday Roundup December 1 TangentGC Friday Roundup December 1 Garment Project Friday Roundup December 1 KMS Tame Frizz Friday Roundup December 1 Ted Baker Spring 2018 Friday Roundup December 1 Barber & Co. Friday Roundup December 1 Olivia Burton Watches Friday Roundup December 1 Ucon Acrobatics

Yesterday I had a busy day! I first went to the Spring preview at Faulhaber Comms West. Checked out their FShoppe and the brands they represent here. Loved the Ted Baker collection, the local brands like Woodlot, and discovering Aiki District (she was featured in British Vogue and used to work at McQueen!). And of course I love Charlotte Tilbury (see my post here) and Dermalogica (post coming soon!).
Friday Roundup December 1 Friday Roundup December 1 Flow Water Friday Roundup December 1 Spela Cosmetics Friday Roundup December 1 The Juicery Co.

Then I went for a quick lunch with Jonathan at Dalina in Chinatown, went home and met up with my friend Mia to go to my other event. We were going to The Dailey Method holiday event, and were lucky to get a complimentary barre class, makeup touchups and manis. Plus yummy food by The Juicery, Nut Mylk and wine! So spoilt! If you haven’t tried out barre, you should! It’s such a great workout, really tones your whole body and gets you leaner.

This weekend is low key. Tonight I’m checking out Muji Canada opening on Robson Street. Excited for that one. And then it’s just getting stuff done this weekend. I have some content to edit, I’m getting my shoebox sorted for the Shoebox Project (I do this every year), get my Christmas décor up in the apartment and watch some TV. Oh and drink wine of course haha. My nana’s birthday is this weekend, she’s turning 85!

What are your plans? Any holiday parties?

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